How To Help

We encourage you to get involved with this wonderful program. Working alongside Mr. Adams and all of these great chorus students is truly a rewarding experience. There are many ways that you can help out the Millbrook High School Chorus Program:

Mr. Adams’ wish list: Document Camera, Additional Acoustical Shells

Become a member or a sponsor: The proceeds from memberships and sponsorships help offset thousands of dollars of choral department expenses not covered by the school budget or the obligation fees paid by the students. Some of the things that we do as Boosters are:

  • Concerts: Set up and man the ticket and merchandise tables as well as prepare and print programs for each concert.
  • Chaperone off campus events such as The Governor’s Mansion/Capitol, Large Festival or on the spring trips (we’re planning spring trips for both Madrigals and Women’s Chamber this year).
  • Help fit girls for their concert attire.
  • Organize and/or help man fundraisers, both for general booster funds and for students to earn money for their spring trips.
  • Help organize social opportunities for all choirs to promote fellowship/unity/partnership.

And last but not least, please consider volunteering for the Chorus Boosters Board or to chair one of our committees.

Please contact the Booster President or Vice President for information about the Chorus Booster positions. It is the nature of the beast that these positions are constantly being rotated through as parent volunteers see their students graduate and leave Millbrook High School and Mr. Adams. Some overlap of parent volunteers for the positions helps make for smooth and seamless transitions year to year. Thanks for considering!

Email for more details.