2018 – 2019 Fundraisers

Each year several fundraisers are planned. Some of these are to raise money for the general chorus fund and others are to give students an opportunity to raise money to help cover costs of spring trips, attire and/or obligation fees.

Butter Braids Sales: September 5 – September 20 – Delivery/pick up: October 5 – Student keeps 40% of sales

Gabi’s Grounds: $4.00 per bag sold credited to students account. – Selling 11/19-11/20 through 12/6-12/7 – Pick up: After School, in the cafeteria, 12/14 – Download Order Form Here: Gabi’s Grounds Coffee Shop

Christmas ornaments:  Details coming soon!

Singing Valentines Sales: Check back later for details.

The Choral Department utilizes an online system called “Charms” to help parents keep track of their student’s private choral account. Login information will be given to the students when they begin attending a Choral Department class. Once you have your student’s login information you can view your student’s balance due, amount of funds raised, and make payments.

Visit Charms at https://www.charmsoffice.com/ If you have trouble accessing Charms please contact us at MillbrookHSChoralBoosters@gmail.com.