Bass Choir

Bass Choir is designed to further encourage male singers ranging from freshmen through seniors. It has a slightly more advanced curriculum than Vocal Music 1. Bass chorus ranges from 18-30 young male singers. They have performed at Edenton Street Methodist Church, the Governor’s Mansion and the State Capitol Building in Raleigh and participated at NCMEA Large Festival and at MVAS in Greensboro, NC. All off-campus performances require completion of a parental consent form. Download the Parental Consent Form

The Millbrook High School Choral Department Policies and Procedures Document contains all the information needed to have a successful year in Bass Choir. Download the MHS Choir Handbook

Dress for this Bass Choir is tuxedo attire without the jacket, purchased through the chorus department.

Students may participate in fundraisers to help cover the cost of attire and the chorus obligation fee.

Required Fees:

– Attire (approximately) $100

– Choir Fee $50

The Choral Department utilizes an online system called “Charms” to help parents keep track of their student’s private choral account. Login information will be given to the students when they begin attending a Choral Department class. Once you have your student’s login information you can view your student’s balance due, amount of funds raised, and make payments.

Visit Charms at If you have trouble accessing Charms please contact